Lost and Found in Scandinavia: Week 2

Staggering down the crowded city street, my head shifts left, right, up, behind, and forward until all of those directions seem the same. It all seems the same. The stretched out streets, jagged buildings, cafe here, park there, and clarity nowhere. Reaching one street, I check the map and realize I've been going the wrong … Continue reading Lost and Found in Scandinavia: Week 2

Solo in Scandinavia: Week 1

The coast and the country mingled together beneath the descending airplane. Water rippled and rested alongside fields and farms. The cows and sheep roamed in the emerald grass dotted with large white bundles that looked like giant marshmallows. I would later learn that these are actually hay that has been tightly packed and sealed enough … Continue reading Solo in Scandinavia: Week 1

Dwelling in the Planned and Unplanned

In the last two weeks I traveled my way through 7 states, 5 beds, 4 time zones, 4 cars, and 1 airplane. Oddly enough, my travels are only beginning. New Mexico trickled out a goodbye rain, Arizona was smoldering, San Diego's temperate rays remained constant, Chicago was heavy with damp air, Michigan emptied the dampness … Continue reading Dwelling in the Planned and Unplanned

New Mexico Recap: The City of Albuquerque

Two main highways create a cross section of Albuquerque's four quadrants. It oddly mirrors New Mexico's state flag--a red circle with four groups of four rays that represent the four cardinal directions, four seasons, stages of the day, and stages of life itself. However, the 25, North and South, and the 40, East and West, … Continue reading New Mexico Recap: The City of Albuquerque