In the Face of Violence

A tragedy happened in Charleston, South Carolina last night.┬áIt is easy to respond with anger and outrage, but there are other important responses we should keep in mind. In the face of violence, we must grieve. A state senator, a pastor, a grandmother, a wife, a cousin, a coach, a librarian, a student, and a … Continue reading In the Face of Violence

Choosing to Dream

Every post this week has been dedicated to one of my favorite things, including Gilmore Girls, good stories, a special pair of earrings, the ability to surprise myself, and learning surprising things about other people. As promised, it has all built up to this: the post detailing one of my favorite places on earth, which … Continue reading Choosing to Dream

It is Still a New Year: Make Room For Goals

Weeks after Jan. 1, most of us have forgotten any resolutions we considered and slumped back to our old ways of how we always do things. The fervor and excitement of new beginnings has left us. If you live anywhere with weather, the month of January itself is dreary enough to induce apathy and failure … Continue reading It is Still a New Year: Make Room For Goals

The Truth About Rejection

At first, it sucks. After an hour, it still sucks. Some time later, it gets better. Supposedly. The sky swells as the sun abandons this side of the world, clouds block out the hope of stars. The cracked desert wonders why the rain never actually materializes. Even the moon seems hazy on the whys and … Continue reading The Truth About Rejection