How Decisions Do and Don’t Define You

Anyone who has access to the internet is probably aware of a major decision that happened in the United States today. As the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to prevent gay marriage, people across the country either celebrated or scoffed at the announcement. Regardless of your position, there are some critical things to … Continue reading How Decisions Do and Don’t Define You

Lessons From Dad

“Don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t smoke marijuana, and don’t drink alcohol till you are 21.” That was the phrase my dad threw at me almost every day of middle school and high school. He told the people in our carpool, my friends who came over, and eventually my boyfriends as well. My mom insisted he said … Continue reading Lessons From Dad

The Trick to Being Nice to Yourself

Like many of my selfie-induced, social media conscious, pressurized world-changers in the millennial generation— I am riddled with insecurity. We can point fingers at a variety of reasons, but blame never solves a problem. I have tried working out, reading books on the subject, devotions that affirm my unique belovedness as a child of God, … Continue reading The Trick to Being Nice to Yourself

Lessons From the Adult World*

This month marked one year since I graduated from college. My thoughts about it daily shift between relief that I survived my first year out, excitement that I can claim a longer amount of real-world experience, and questioning everything I thought I knew because my life isn't actually figured out yet. Then I sigh, realizing I'm still so young, and remind myself … Continue reading Lessons From the Adult World*