When Life Gives You Bad Artichokes

Sometimes it seems like the world is out to get you. It began almost two months ago when I had a terrible, no-good, very bad week. On Monday someone close to me was in the hospital, Tuesday brought a smashed car window, Wednesday followed up with a head cold, and Thursday the other car was stolen. This was also my … Continue reading When Life Gives You Bad Artichokes

Real Answers to Interview Questions

Interviews are the grunt of necessity for many twenty-somethings, and even once we successfully get a job, most of us will one day have to do it again. I have met a few strange individuals who love the challenge an interview presents, but beneath the surface I'm sure they also feel frustrated if they don't get the … Continue reading Real Answers to Interview Questions

Post-Grad Life: 5 Things I’m Learning

It has been almost 9 months since I graduated from college. My mind staggers at that number, wondering how time evaporated and the pool of my uncertainty remains. Wasn't I supposed to have life figured out by now? A friend once described post-grad life to me as being similar to allergies. It’s not a full-fledged sickness, … Continue reading Post-Grad Life: 5 Things I’m Learning