Killing and Kindling Motivation

“Oh you can just take today off” she says to me. I smile at her, knowing I can’t. That is the whole point of this 30 Day Writing Challenge. No excuses. So I close myself in my room and let my visiting family members go enjoy the jacuzzi without me. But then I think I … Continue reading Killing and Kindling Motivation

Worry Less, Write More

This officially counts as my seventh day in my month long goal to write every day. Here are some things I’ve learned so far:   Miracles happen: My computer dried out completely and is working like it’s normal, albeit slow, self! Seven days can feel like a lot: I’ve said multiple times that I think time … Continue reading Worry Less, Write More

National Handwriting Day

Few things in the world can represent a person without them needing to be present. Handwriting elevates words to an intimate form, traveling distances within tight lines, pushing the boundaries of page and pen. It is an unappreciated art that is daily in danger of being lost to keyboards and touch screens. Even the chicken scratch, the … Continue reading National Handwriting Day

It is Still a New Year: Make Room For Goals

Weeks after Jan. 1, most of us have forgotten any resolutions we considered and slumped back to our old ways of how we always do things. The fervor and excitement of new beginnings has left us. If you live anywhere with weather, the month of January itself is dreary enough to induce apathy and failure … Continue reading It is Still a New Year: Make Room For Goals