The Importance of Asking

The phone rang. Don’t pick up, don’t pick up, don’t pick up. “Hello?" “Hi there!” My voice jumped up an octave. I smiled, though they couldn’t tell. I started by inquiring how they are doing, and laughed at any joke. This went on. I asked about how business was, what audience they were trying to … Continue reading The Importance of Asking

What’s Missing From Pixar’s Inside Out

After a successful opening weekend, Pixar’s new film Inside Out is getting rave reviews. It has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% and has already passed $100M at the box offices. Most people are applauding how Pixar conveyed the complex idea of animating the emotions inside a person’s brain in a dynamic and simple way, while … Continue reading What’s Missing From Pixar’s Inside Out

In the Face of Violence

A tragedy happened in Charleston, South Carolina last night. It is easy to respond with anger and outrage, but there are other important responses we should keep in mind. In the face of violence, we must grieve. A state senator, a pastor, a grandmother, a wife, a cousin, a coach, a librarian, a student, and a … Continue reading In the Face of Violence

The Truth About Wedding Planning

“Are you just having so much fun?!" Ever since I got engaged last October, people ask me this question all the time. I dread it. It is almost as bad as the classic post-grad questions of “what next?” and the dating questions about when we were going to get married. When I try to answer … Continue reading The Truth About Wedding Planning

Killing and Kindling Motivation

“Oh you can just take today off” she says to me. I smile at her, knowing I can’t. That is the whole point of this 30 Day Writing Challenge. No excuses. So I close myself in my room and let my visiting family members go enjoy the jacuzzi without me. But then I think I … Continue reading Killing and Kindling Motivation

Choosing to Dream

Every post this week has been dedicated to one of my favorite things, including Gilmore Girls, good stories, a special pair of earrings, the ability to surprise myself, and learning surprising things about other people. As promised, it has all built up to this: the post detailing one of my favorite places on earth, which … Continue reading Choosing to Dream