ICA 2020 Highlights: LSI

This weekend I was able to virtually attend the International Communication Association’s 2020 conference. I also presented two papers for the LSI division, which I will share more about in my next post. For now I want to cover some highlights from other presentations I watched. ICA logo courtesy of icahdq.org ICA has over 30 … Continue reading ICA 2020 Highlights: LSI

Examples of LSI Research

After my last post, you may still be wondering what Language and Social Interaction (LSI) research really looks like. So now I’m going to offer you some of my favorite examples of published LSI studies. I organize each example according to common questions that distinguish different types of LSI research. What topics are explored? The … Continue reading Examples of LSI Research

Fighting Failure in Academia

I spent the last few months preparing for my comprehensive exams and wrote several posts here about what I was learning. I felt prepared when the day came. Though the process of writing 30 pages in two days was stressful, I made it through and was proud of what I accomplished. Then it came time … Continue reading Fighting Failure in Academia

#OrgCommSoWhite and Postcolonial Representation

So far on my comprehensive exams list #1 journey, we have covered the territory of nonprofit and faith-based organizations, as well as the basics of postcolonial scholarship. Now I want to explain why both are important in my field of organizational communication (AKA org comm). To begin with, I want to clarify that org comm is a … Continue reading #OrgCommSoWhite and Postcolonial Representation

Postcolonial What?

In my last post I covered the first part of my comprehensive exams list on non-profits and faith-based organizations. Next up is the part about postcolonial organizing and representation. Now you might be wondering, what does postcolonial even mean? For those who aren't familiar, postcolonialism is "a way of articulating resistance to dominant, Eurocentric perspectives … Continue reading Postcolonial What?