New Year New Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

I have always loved New Year’s because it is a chance to start fresh and revisit my goals. I have several goals for this year, but one of them is to write more on this blog. Since starting graduate school (I’m on year 4 now! Two years of the masters and two years into the PhD) I have neglected writing for fun because I have to do so much writing for my coursework.

However, this year I’m going to try and combine the two. I am preparing for my comprehensive exams and will be doing a lot of reading, so I want to share that process with you and summarize some of my favorite (or least favorite) readings each week.

I strongly believe in making obscure or hard-to-comprehend research more accessible for the public, so don’t worry if you are not an academic. My goal is to write about these articles in a way that is easier to read and that emphasizes the practical nature of why this research matters.

So thanks for joining me on this journey! Make sure to send me any questions you have about what doing a PhD is like, what my favorite study snacks are, or anything else you want to know about me.

Also, in case you’ve forgotten what I look like, here is the best photo I took last year with my husband Jason and our dog Aspen:


And yes, we are a matching pajama kind of family.


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