A Round Up of Great Posts On and By Women

Today is International Women’s Day. Men, before you get your boxers in a bunch, just remember that we still love you and appreciate you. But there are a lot of women in the world who don’t hear that message, and today honors the progress that has been made, as well as the work left to do.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite posts and thoughts on and by women:

For inspiration:
I Am A Dangerous Woman poem by Idelette McVicker

“There are still major obstacles for women: violence against women is still a pandemic, too few women are in leadership roles and most workplaces don’t make enough accommodations for working mothers, especially in the United States. But there have been some brief glimmers of progress, evidence that when we commit to global action for women, we actually can move the needle toward greater gender equality.”

“First wave feminists provided role models and a framework for responding to present-day issues of inequality. Second wave feminists led me to realize the necessity of a compassionate response to hurting souls longing for freedom from oppression. Scripture has compelled me to grapple with what it takes to build a more just world for all people—regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or any other human labels.”

For people interested in Hollywood:

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Yosemite National Park did an AWESOME post with pictures and stories on influential women in its history

For my bookish friends:
“This is why we don’t stop talking about gender. This is why we don’t stop talking about diversity. This is why these conversations are vital, flourishing, and unapologetic. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable and let’s keep talking.”

“Far more books are published by men than by women, perhaps because publishers feel that books by men are a safer bet. We can affect this by making a choice when it comes to the books we buy, since how we chose to spend our money is the most effective weapon we have.”

And in case you want some recommendations for great books by women, other than the Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf options:

Finally, to all the women in my life I would like to say thank you. To my mom, who taught me what strength means. To my aunts and grandmothers, who reminded me of our individual gifts and power. To my friends, who live bold and courageous lives that inspire me to embrace who I am. Thanks for being you and for teaching me how great women can be.

Who is a woman in your life that inspires you?
What are some great posts or stories you have found about women?

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