Time to Escape

Hello! In honor of the last day of National Poetry month (and since I missed posting the entire month), I thought I would post a poem I wrote last semester for a class. I don’t consider myself much of a poet, but its still something I like to try my hand at now and then.

Highway Houdini

Is this the seat I’m strapped into


Sometimes passenger sometimes driver

constant watcher, waiting.

In a highway-freeway world

stowaways still exist.

I can cross borders and climb mountains

in this tin can tour machine.

But I remember at age 2

I pulled a sideways Houdini

escaped the carseat,

opened the locked door,

jumped out,

and ran.

I wrote this poem as part of a final project where we had to create a collection of seven related poems. Mine focused on car rides, specifically across the South West, and was titled The States of Borders. This poem was the final one in the collection, and since I am a week and a half away from graduating college it resonated with me.

There are so many things I could say about these last few months, but I will save that for another post, probably once I’ve actually finished all my assignments and have free time again. I know I said I was going to try and post more this semester since I would be reading and writing a lot for all my classes, but unfortunately because that was more than true I didn’t have any time to post those writings. This semester has been a tornado where the pages flew by and papers fluttered off and now I’ve been spit out on the other side somewhat dazed about where it all went. Thankfully my summer should be more relaxing and I am hoping to devote that time to writing and posting more.

Speaking of summer, the other reason why I thought one of my poems based on the South West would be appropriate is because I am moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico! It will only be for a few months, but my wonderful older brother John and his wife Kari (who also has a great blog on veganism and being a resident here) offered to let me crash in their spare room while I recuperate and look for a full time position elsewhere. I am especially excited to spend time with them and in a completely new place. For now, I have to go get myself ready to graduate… gulp…

Overlooking Albuquerque from the Sandia Mountains - going to soak in this view all summer!
Overlooking Albuquerque from the Sandia Mountains – going to soak in this view all summer!

Adventure is out there! Run!

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