Apathetic Attitudes: Mine, Yours, and Ours

Hello everyone, once again I’m sorry it’s been awhile. But I will get to my excuses later…

Thanks to the current election season, there has been a lot of talk concerning the apathetic attitudes of young voters, and even the majority population. Sadly it’s not hard to believe, because it is easy to see that we are more concerned with who wins The Voice, or the World Series, than with who wins the presidency. Although some might say the media has tried to turn campaigns into reality dramas themselves, there is no beating the fact that people just aren’t as interested in politics as they used to be.

I don’t blame them though, I’m pretty apathetic about politics most of the time too.

But where does this come from?
No doubt part of it is because I’ve been handed a lot of great things in life, like the right to vote, which means I don’t appreciate them as much as I should. Lately though, I’ve felt as if this apathy doesn’t just apply to my attitude towards politics, but to a lot of life in general.

Relevant Magazine even made our apathetic attitude the focus of its October Issue. But sadly, the question “Why Bother?” doesn’t only represent my attitude towards politics lately, but my attitude towards everything lately
Being in my third year of college, I’m honestly kind of over it. The enthusiasm of the first two years has died down, the classes have only gotten harder, and the real world decisions approaching are weighing me down. Doing well in class? It doesn’t matter since I can still scrape by. Fighting against injustice? I can’t really make a difference, I shouldn’t bother. Keeping up with this blog (which I have clearly been neglecting)? Well I just don’t have the time, and it isn’t impacting anything.

Even when it comes to my faith – am I boldly telling people about Christ? Well… I don’t want to offend anybody or have someone judge me.

When I read over all those excuses though, I know they are wrong. I know that doubting those things, and doubting my ability to do them, means that I am really doubting God’s ability to do them.

The majority of us tend to find political Facebook statuses annoying, and I myself cringe at the idea of the having a political discussion with anyone. But why? Honestly, I think is just because I’m afraid. And sadly, this fear isn’t only in politics, but in my faith as well. I fear offending people, I fear that being too opinionated might make others not like me, and I fear stepping out of my comfort zone to speak up about what I believe.

These fears are what is stopping me from truly furthering the kingdom, because instead of trusting God in those controversial places, I stay back where it’s safe in the middle. But by staying in the middle, by staying in the “safe” places, I am limiting God’s control over my life.

Evil tempts people and societies in many ways, but right now I think evil’s strongest power over our lives is through apathy. There are lies circulating that we can’t make a difference. There are lies circulating that we might fail. There are lies circulating that one way or another, it just doesn’t matter. Because if we don’t care we won’t fight back, and by doing that we let evil win.


God’s truth tells us we can move mountains (Matthew 17:20), God’s truth tells us that we are the living word (2 Corinthians 3:3), God’s truth tells us that nothing can harm us when we go out in His name (Luke 10:19), and God’s truth tells us that the time to act is now (Mark 13:24).

I haven’t been feeling motivated to do much in the last few months, and after talking to my friends it sounds like I’m not alone. Somehow I keep forgetting this though: My apathy isn’t because God hasn’t shown up, it is because I haven’t shown up. He is always there, somehow eternally graceful despite my selfish consumption, and He is just waiting for me to snap out of it and remember that this isn’t about me anyways. All these things we want and all these things we are afraid of, they drown us in lies that make life frustrating. But it is only frustrating because it isn’t really life if it doesn’t have anything to do with Christ, who is the way the truth and the life. Read that again – it isn’t really life if it doesn’t have anything to do with Christ, because HE IS LIFE.

In John 10:17-18 Jesus says to his disciples “The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life–only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have the authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

I read this verse tonight by accident actually – I was looking for something else. But again the grace of God redeemed my misdirection and gave me something better. Here’s the thing: if God calls us to life through Christ, and if He has chosen us to die to ourselves so that we may live in Christ, we too must lay down our lives only to take them up again. And it is only by our own accord, because God has given us this same authority to be life and light to the world.

Don’t let apathy drown you in lies, but know that we serve an all-powerful God, who wants to work through our lives in powerful ways. Whether that means taking the time to be informed and vote for whoever you think will do the best job, or taking the time to volunteer, or even if it means doing our homework (gah) to somehow glorify God, we can’t let apathy limit what God can do with even those seemingly small steps. The greatest part is that we don’t have to know what exactly that looks like, or how it will work, because we only have to pick up our lives and follow the path He has already set before us, trusting and knowing His goodness will win in the end.

What do you feel apathetic about lately?

How has God challenged this in your life?

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