Into the Wild Vacation


Hello again! You might have noticed I missed posting so far this week, and that is because I am once again playing hookie out in the wilderness. Last time I was in Yosemite, but this week I am further North exploring Alaska.

I will admit that I feel fairly guilty about not posting; I think that’s because it has been kind of a job for me this summer. Yet being on vacation is supposed to be a rest from work, and hopefully it will be a time where I can rejuvenate my mind before school begins.

Although I am in the technical “wild” right now, the approaching school year seems much more intimidating and like its own wild unknown. There are few things I’m certain of, and even more I’m uncertain of. It was easy to prepare for this trip by remembering to pack my boots, long sleeves, and essentials like my toothbrush. However I don’t know what to expect for school this year – there may be emotional storms, definitely some real snow, and hopefully lots of joy as well. How do you prepare for the unknown though?

Each year I know that I must rely on God to answer such questions, and I know again that I will be tested someway or another. Yet being in Alaska I’ve found that going into the wild always carries guaranteed risks, and those who venture out accept them in return for something greater. It may be tough getting to the top of that mountain, or you may fall in going over the rapids, but what waits at the end is something so great it is impossible to prepare for. The real challenge is trusting God and others through the process.

I wont be able to post the rest of this week, but I will return next week with lots to share. I hope you are experiencing some kind of wild too, whether it be outside or in your heart it is certainly a place where God always shows up. Of course, may grace and peace be yours along the way.

What kind of wild have you experienced lately? How have you seen God through it?

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