A Love like Cory and Topanga’s

Lately I have been watching Boy Meets World each morning when I wake up. There is something so enjoyable about stealing an hour before the start of the day to simply relive old memories, it makes it feel as if time isn’t always slipping away so quickly.

Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows way back when. There isn’t too much unnecessary drama, just realistic scenarios and challenges faced by a host of uniquely likable characters. It was one of those shows that actually taught you something about life, not a bad life filled with pretty liars, but a life filled with joy and love. The last few days though, the episodes chronicled a rough patch for main character Cory and his childhood girlfriend Topanga.

It was their senior year of high school so it was bound to happen, but as I watched them fight and wrestle with the intricacies of love and dating I realized that, at least for me, this relationship is the heart and soul of the show. It is also something to aspire to and hope in. Cory, although he is only 18, seems to understand that this love is so much bigger than himself, which is why he fights for the relationship to succeed even after everyone else gives up. He drops lines saying “love trust firsts, it doesn’t question,” or “that’s what I feel love is, when I’m better because she is here.” Cory understands a love that few of us get to realize, and his fight for it is what makes him the hero of the show.

In fact it makes me nostalgic for the days when this love, something so strong and pure, was the center of all stories. Instead of letting drama or sex take center stage, writers and authors would focus in on the fight for true love, a story that never gets old. These days the only “love” I see in (supposedly) reality tv shows is merely a vehicle for sex lies and divorce. It convinces us that love is fleeting, that it can’t be trusted, that it will only break your heart.

I don’t want to live with that definition of love though. I want to live with a love like Cory and Topanga’s, because their love looks a little like God’s to me. As I watched Cory fight for his relationship, even after Topanga went out with another guy and wasn’t sure of what she wanted, I know that God does this with us. He watches us question our devotion to him, meanwhile He remains devoted to us. This is real love, because it waits for what is right, cares more than anything for the other, it makes us the best possible version of ourselves, and it can’t be taken away.

In one episode, as Cory again declares his determined love for Topanga, he says:
“Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world and anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you and how I feel about you. Thats all I’ve ever known and thats enough. Thats enough for me for the rest of my life.”

I want to live in a world that knows this definition of love, the one that trusts first, makes us better people, will never leave, and is committed to loving the other person even when they don’t always love back. It is cheesy, but that’s what makes it so true and so great. This is the love we have from God, and that’s enough for me for the rest of my life.

Endnote: I want to dedicate this post today to the person in my life who daily shows me this love aand makes me feel like I’m in a relationship similar to Cory and Tapanga’s – today is his birthday (which means he might not even read this till later ha) but even still I want the world to know how glad I am he was born, giving me a love so great it shows me God each day. Happy Birthday to him :)

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